These are the principles that drive our product development

Our products are designed to increase independence and help both wheelchair users and caregivers!


Because looks directly impact confidence, we design our productst to be the sexiest and coolest on the market!


We use the newest fabrics, incorporate the latest innovations and apply the newest technologies in all our products!


Every wheelchair user develops at least one pressure sore in his or her lifetime, so we minimize the risk of skin damage!


Innovate to improve quality of life in a wheelchair
We want to raise the bar for the industry.

Wheelchair users are no longer helplessly bound to their homes but are rediscovering their neighborhoods and traveling the world. As wheelchair users conquer their place in society, the world adapts to facilitate their mobility. Sitwear was founded to encourage those brave hearts to live up to heir potential and empower them to reach beyond their limits.

We aim to improve the lives of people bound to a wheelchair, through innovation of existing products and development of new ones.

  • Empowerment


  • Aesthetics


  • innovation


  • Health



A group of extraordinary people
Steven Claeys
Steven Claeys
In 2014 I broke my neck in an accident and ended up paralyzed and permanently bound to a wheelchair. Not only did I lose control over my body, I also lost the ability to use ‚Äúnormal” products. So I was left with only two choices : live with discomfort for the rest of my life or Design my own products that I could use myself.
Mira Solen
Mira Solen
Fashion Designer
Mira is a fashion designer from Sweden, with degrees at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Rietveld Academy. She used this opportunity to share her experience in textiles, pattern cutting and functionality with the wheelchair community, seizing the moment to actually help others in need.
Julia Gerasko
Julia Gerasko
Textile & Production
Julia Gerasko, is a textile designer based in Belgium looking for innovative materials and using new technics. She completed her Masters degree at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in their textile department and she’s been working with suppliers and designers, she understands the whole process from creating the fabrics to getting the final product.
Paul janssens
Paul janssens
Entrepreneurial Coach
With extensive experience as an entrepreneur, CEO and business coach, Paul Janssens pushes every project and every entrepreneur he coaches to their limit. As an expert in technology, E-commerce and Internet ventures he inspires business development with a strong focus on sales and IT.
Marnix Denys
Marnix Denys
Business Development Coach
Marnix is an expert in International Sales and Marketing, with proven success in Medical Devices and other industries. His highly developed analytical, financial and strategic skills inspire business development through analytics, vision & resilience. As a motivational people manager he relies on trust, inspiration and involvement.
Els de Maijer
Els de Maijer
Retail Coach
Elena Pugach
Elena Pugach
Creative Pattern Designer
As a creative pattern designer, Elena has excelled in her field. She has a ton of experience after working for Lena Lumelsky, Haider Ackermann and Christian Wijnants to name a few. This after graduating in 2013 from the Royal Academie of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Her vision and skills help us to perfect our designs to the highest standard.


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