What is Sitwear all about?

“We, people in a wheelchair, face physical problems every day. We face self-confidence issues. And we face stigma. There are not nearly enough products and services that help us conquer those. And that’s not a problem – that’s an opportunity. So I created Sitwear.”

-Steven Claeys, founder of Sitwear bvba 
(25th September 2015)




Steven had an accident in 2014 that left him paralyzed from the chest down and with partial loss of hand and arm function. It forced him to sit in a wheelchair all day long. As he suffered from all the troubles that come from living in a world where people usually stand or walk around, he decided to do something about it. And not just for himself, but for all who suffer the same fate.


Steven Claeys founder of Sitwear



Steven was disillusioned after visiting a fair about rehabilitation and adapted technologies in Ghent. He discovered that not only product choices are limited, but the products all had the same typical limitations and flaws. Limited functionality, high prices and almost no regard for appearance are a few examples. Businesses in the general healthcare industry seem to think they need to choose between functionality, appearance, comfort and safety when developing products. We at Sitwear feel they are mistaken: people in the 21st century expect and need more!


Because we at Sitwear believe that general healthcare and wellness still need to enter the 21st century. As their quality of life improves through advances in medical science, patients, disabled people and elderly stay active longer, take part in society more and expect they are able to support their adapted lifestyles with products that are multi-functional, safe, provide comfort and look and feel great.


Innovation is key and with new materials, new idea’s and new technologies being created every day the 21st century truly is full of opportunities. Sitwear is all about the development of innovative products that have a lasting impact on society and the healthcare industry.