The Ultimate Wheelchair Trousers

“As I rode through the casino where the benefit was held, I looked around and noticed something that really broke my heart: all the people in wheelchairs were wearing beautiful jackets and fancy ties, but they all wore black sweatpants underneath. Elegant trousers that don’t chafe and don’t cause pain when you sit in them all night, just don’t exist. I decided to do something about that.”

-Steven Claeys, founder of Sitwear bvba
(21 December 2015)

The Ultimate Wheelchair Trousers

As our first project we took on the challenge of developing the perfect pair of trousers for people in a wheelchair.



Because the trousers that exist are not good enough. Businesses seem to think they need to choose between what’s comfortable and what’s fashionable. But they are mistaken: people in wheelchairs need both and more!

Yes, everybody wants comfortable clothing and everybody wants to look good. But when you are bound to a wheelchair you never arrive alone, prejudice and stigma follow you wherever you go. You wear an un-detachable label that causes people to patronize, underestimate and discriminate


So although the most important aspect of trousers for people in wheelchairs is health, aesthetics is also very important. And functionality. So ideally, the perfect pair of pants prevents pressure sores, looks trendy, and can be put on without anyone’s help. That’s why we created an amazing looking product with a ton of special features!

Here are some of those features :


Broekpijp_White Rug_WhiteTreklus_WhiteRekker_WhiteBroekzak_White


Check out the result here!









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