Steven Claeys, founder



When I lost control over more than 80% of my own body my world shattered. I didn’t know it at the time, but the epic journey it forced me to take would help me realize what I wanted to do most of all in this world : Have a positive impact.

After fighting with myself in rehab for 15 months I was finally strong and independent enough to go back home. Even though I was 25 at that time, I had to stay with my parents because I couldn’t find an adapted apartment to rent. I had to argue with my insurance company daily to get anything done and I was hopelessly lost in google searching for answers to the most basic questions about my disability.

That’s when I decided I would do everything in my power to make sure who-ever came after me wouldn’t have to face the same problems I encountered!

So when I noticed there were no adapted trousers for wheelchair users that were both safe, fashionable, comfortable and empowering I decided to do something about that. Especially because trousers are arguably the most important piece of clothing for people with a seated lifestyle!

The result ? The “Ultimate Wheelchair Trousers”.

Without a doubt the best pair of trousers a wheelchair user could ever imagine, with a very long list of enhancements and features unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Because wheelchair users deserve the best they can get to make their life easier and to keep their body healthy. While there are other designs out there, none of them take into account all the different needs, problems and dangers associated with being a wheelchair user. Especially when you also have reduced fine motor skills.


Together with a team of designers and the community of wheelchair users I designed trousers specifically designed to :

  • Help wheelchair users protect themselves against pressure sores
  • Help wheelchair users to stay in their wheelchair for longer periods of time
  • Help wheelchair users sweat less
  • Help wheelchair users be more independent
  • Help wheelchair users sit comfortably
  • Help wheelchair users look great
And a lot more…


Since I want to have as big an impact as possible you can be sure all profits from sales will go directly in to perfecting our design and into other projects to help people with a disability because I don’t use any of the profit for myself.

Help make an impact by helping yourself and others with the Ultimate Wheelchair Trousers!


Kind regards,